Week In Review – 11 Jun 2017

Update on my blog status – shortly after my post The Power To Be, I lost power to my internet router.  Thus no blogging.

With my fingers crossed, the electrician is coming on Monday,  Don’t know about the Power Company nor the government inspector.  I will try to squeeze in a post or two here or there [like this one], but very iffy at best.

Not complaining.  My electricity problem is an inconvenience comparing to others’ suffering.  But it makes me realize how much of my life has become inextricably tied to technology and other modern features.

For example, opening my garage door, instead of push of a button, is a workout without the electricity.  Not all bad. Instead of doing the popular things of surfing the internet, I am reading more books, spending time outdoor, and going to bed early.

Have a great week.

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