Find What Works

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Life is full of contradictions.  Do this, don’t do this.  This is good for you, this is bad for you.  What to believe, or not? On top that, the information age guarantees diversified opinions of all kinds.

Trying to consume it all, one would be totally lost by these life’s tidbits.  Too many advises, like too many chefs, is counter productive and a recipe for failure.  Perhaps the Big Data will prove me wrong on this.  But until then . . .

A more practical alternative is to, within one’s circle of influence, find what works.  Which means a willingness to be open,  to be vulnerable, and to be adventurous.  Try new things.  Foods. People. Places.  You will be surprised how much that life has to offer.

Even though what works for others may not work for you, only you can decide what fits. Open your optics, free yourself from the familiars or what your smartphone recommends, and find what works for you.

What works for you?


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