Dancing With Mind & Body

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To be effective, our mind and body need to work as a pair.  The more smooth and cooperative they are, the more likelihood of higher level of accomplishments will result.

Imaging, when the mind and body move swiftly like a pair of ballroom dance champions. Pitch perfect and not missing a beat.  A state of flow happens.  Everything regardless difficulty levels clicks.  You are on cloud nine.

Then, again the opposite moment happens when the mind and body act like estranged couple – can’t chew gum without tripping!  Panic or blank stare. The just-shot-me moment is not only embarrassing but also frustrating.

How then do we make our mind and body more like the ballroom dance champions and not the estranged couple?  Work on that connection.  Yes, the mind-body connection.  Remember the two work as a pair.

Starve the body, the mind will become weak.  Ignore the mind, the body will quickly dull. Not only the mind and body need proper feeding, seek opportunity whenever possible to strengthen the connection by engaging both.

What would be a win-win activity for your mind and body?

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