Week In Review – 18 Jun 2017

Happy Father’s Day!

Relationship is an ever challenging homework in this journey of life. Whenever our role shifts, so do our perspective and responsibility.  In transitioning, useful to look our relationship between the individual self and the external environment.

The US has been a divided country since the 2016 election (perhaps longer and the election only surfaced a latent feeling).   This week’s shooting of a GOP Congressman and his associates in Washington is a poignant reminder that we still have lots of homework remaining.

The shooting brought a brief comity on the Capital Hill (and the White House).  But, beyond gesturing, shouldn’t we be asking what is our collective social responsibility? Could the reason why people hurt others is because their emotional pain is too much?  And they have to let it out?

Not condoning hurting others as the solution for emotional pain, many socially responsible ways exist for living now.  How do we strengthen our mind-body connection, discover our heart songs and find what works are homework assignments for not just the elected leaders but all of us.

Have  a great week.



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