Continuing Education?

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Often time when we step out of school and get a job, we stop learning & start producing.  Sure we learn about the job as far as where is the coffee mess,  the conference room, and the dress code.  But the learning of to be a well-rounded person (a purpose of education) ceases.

Naturally, employers are interested in profits.  And employees in their paychecks.  Who has time to learn on the job?  Those pesky CEUs (continual education units) are treated as necessary evils.  Sooner getting them out the way, the quicker people can get back to work.

A bit cynical?  Absolutely.

The point is that learning is about employ development and organizational investment for the future.  Professional organization needs to protect its most valuable asset, its people, and lead the way in encouraging, promoting, and incentivizing employees’ continuing education.

A smart workforce is in business’ best interest.

Do you have a vibrant employee development program?

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