Too Hot To Flight?


Summer began yesterday for folks in the Northern Hemisphere.  That includes me, yours truly.  And right on queue was the record heat. The temperature was so hot, flights were canceled in the Southwest region of the US.

Rationales for the flight cancellations vary from technical (high temp effect on rubber tire & jet engine) to economical (not enough lift for the payload due to hot air thinning). Whatever they might be, the question becomes what is going to happen for the rest of the summer?

Apparently, it is going to get worse.  You guessed it –  Global warming.  As the article reports, “study also finds that the number of people globally affected by 20 days or more of intense heatwaves (dangerous temperature and humidity) will jump from 1 in 4 currently to 3 out of 4 by 2100.”

Cranking up the AC, hydration, and dressing for comfort are some strategies that we can take. But if you were planning to fly to your vacation destination this summer, better check twice to  make sure that your flights are not cancelled.

How do you stay comfortable where you are?

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