Day 6 week 1 – Welcome July

Ran 10 easy miles (averaged 10:00 per mile).    It might have been easy pace, but the run was by no means easy.  The culprit was humidity,  86% this morning.  It made the run felt like uphill all the way.

Many runners and walkers were out there working up a sweat.  Maybe on the account this is the weekend before the Fourth of July holiday.  Some were young and running fast while others struggled along dealing with the humidity.   All the same.  As long as they came out, I gave them credit.

To maintain my pace, I tried focusing on my running rhythm.  Hoping that my muscle memory would get me through the run.  And to a large extend it worked.  Additionally if it weren’t for some cloud covers and partial breeze along the trail, it would have been a harder task.

With half of the 2017 behind us, are you where you want to be?

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