Week In Review – 2 Jul 2017

This week was the first of my 20 week marathon training.  As in the past, the first 13 weeks of my training are the base running phase followed by a 4-week marathon specific training and a 3-week taper.

What different this year is that I am starting my training from my current fitness level instead of an arbitrary pace like a 3.30 marathon.  So my training will be more realistic and less likely to encounter over-training and injury.

During the base phase, I will increase my running load (i.e. volume, intensity, frequency) by running farther, running harder (speed or incline), or running more often safely.  I will run by feel and let my body be the guide instead of a fixed training schedule.

This approach is a “train not strain” philosophy, not to be confused with the slow-easy base miles.  Meaning, I will be pushing my body with moderate efforts on the various systems (e.g. leg turnover, aerobic threshold, muscular endurance) without pushing over the thresholds.

Will this training plan work? I sure like to say yes, I knew it. But the truth is that there is no guaranty, as in life.  Only one way to find out.  At least in August, when it is hot and humid, I will be running the Annapolis 10 miler and be getting some feedback.

Total miles this week:  33

Have a great week.

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