Day 3 Week 2 – Run By Feel

Ran 6 mile easy + 4 strides

One of my running goals during the base run phase is to get a better feel for my running pace.  By pace, I don’t mean time but effort.    Coach Jenny Hatfield describes this running effort in terms of breathing  which I find illustrative.

For instance, today I ran 6 mile easy, at my aerobic threshold level.  Meaning I was running relaxed, Coach Jenny’s yellow zone.  And for the strides, my pace were higher. Maybe pushing near lactate threshold level, Coach Jenny’s orange zone.

My actual time for these runs are not so important.  What matters is how I felt relating to my efforts in these runs.  Circumstantial factors like humidity and uphill, although beyond my control, can easily affect my running effort.

Run by feel enables me to be more in tune with my body regardless of situations and more proactive in adapting my run.  Or put it the other way, I will not be slaved to a watch or some prescribed time.

How do you stay mindful and focused in what you do?

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