Day 4 Week 2 – A Summer Afternoon Run

It was almost 3 pm when the rain started to subside.  Temperature was 78 degree, and I decided to go for my 6 mile easy run.  The light drizzle felt refreshing on contact but the steam from the asphalt had a sauna feel to it.

My sandals splashed around and, unavoidably through the puddles.  The slippery toes was getting a treat.  Every step.  Squish, splash, squish. Like a Bikram yoga on the loose.  I picked this time to run because the weather app forecast a break in the precipitation.

And sure enough on the return leg of my run, sun came out.  And it came out strong.  The ground dried up quickly and temperature on the climb.  In between shades, I felt the burn on the back of my head and shoulders.  As they say be careful what you ask for.

While thinking about the UV index, I saw my shorter shadow running in front of me.  Should have worn a hat, suntan lotion, etc.   This was all while my sweats started down my lower back and around my eye sockets. Thank goodness home was almost in sight.

Post running note – the rain resumed and a thunderstorm in the forecast.  Glad I squeezed in my run just in time.

What are your memorable summer activities?


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