Day 5 Week 2 – Problem Solving

Off day, rest.

So you think you are intelligent.  What problem are you solving?

I am not talking about Algebra or Physics problems, but problems that your target audiences dying to fix.  Could be your family on vacation choices or client’s need to acquire a gap technology, the problems I am referring to when solved have impacts.

No matter what business you are in, what product or service you offer, the only measure of success is whether you have solved your customer’s problem(s). That is the ground truth.  Not to mention, satisfied customers appreciate value and will return.

Regardless if the problem is big, small, real, or perceived, value comes from recognizing and solving the problem.  From personal to Big Data level, problem solving is a sorely needed skill and a true measure of intelligence.

Want to make a difference or achieve meaning?  Ask yourself, what problem do you want to solve?

What problem are you solving?

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