Day 1 Week 3 – Heart & Sole of Marathon Running


Ran 8 miles w/ 4 mi steady run, 2 mi warm up, 2 mi cool down

It’s week 3 already.

This 20 week marathon training has been my ritual for many years.  It is like the marathon itself, seems forever at the start.  But by the time when it is over, like crossing the finishing line at a marathon, the feeling is elusive, as if the air is let out of the balloon.  Everything and I mean everything is just a blur.

Six years ago, I started this blog with the aim, among other things, as my training journal. I have tried to capture the tidbits of the process.  My running shoes, pace, blister, et cetera, et ceterea. But what is missing, as in the blind men and the elephant, is the essence of my running, letting alone running the marathon.

Just like the sand in the hourglass tells the story of time, one grain at a time.  My marathon training whether the beginning, ending, or every week, every mile, every step in between means a lot to me.  It is a journey of heart and sole, and I like to capture that with this blog.

What if any questions do you have about this blog? 


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