Day 2 Week 3 – The Stimulus & Response Cycle

8 mile easy recovery, early morning run, 72 degree Fahrenheit.

Weight lifting is a good example in explaining the stimulus & response cycle of training.  Muscle fibers are torn from lifting the load (stimulus).  They grow stronger (response) to handle the heavier weights, and the cycle repeats.

Simple enough concept to grasp with a few qualifiers: (1) greater the stimulus, longer the recovery/ response, and (2) timing of the response impacts the training effect.  For running, this means sequencing of the runs and paying attention to the body’s response.

I ran 4 mile steady yesterday (stimulus) and today 8 mile easy recovery (response).  The recovery run was at easy pace and meant to flush out the waste products in my legs from the day before. While my legs are not dead, I could feel the fatigue in them.  So in addition to today’s recovery run, I will add a hip stretch routine to help relax the legs.

How well does your body response to stimulus?

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