Day 3 Week 3 – Let It Fly

8 miles easy + 4 x 20 sec. strides, 74 – 78 degree Fahrenheit.

In the base training, aerobic threshold and distance are the objectives.  No question.  But while building the base, the day-in & day-out easy runs could use a bit change of pace making them more fun.  The strider today (and the fartlek tomorrow) answers that call.

Being short duration (20 seconds) and at the end of the regular run make the striders easier to do.  However, rushing through them (especially on a hot summer day) would be a mistake.  Striders are really mini-intervals with each ramp up, coast down, and rest in between to avoid over-doing and injury.

When it comes to executing the striders, I prefer to let it “fly.”  Meaning relax my upper body (i.e. my arms, shoulders to neck), open stride (longer push off in the back and landing on toes or mid-foot in the front), and watch my speed take off.  A good way to check my running form.

Best of all – when approaching the finish line in a race, the striders not only shaves time off  but also makes a great photo finish. Why not let it fly?

Have you tried the striders?

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