Day 4 Week 3 – Bring On The Heat

8 miles easy ( w/ 4 x 90 sec fartleks after mile 4 and 5 min easy pace between surges), 79 -84 degree Fahrenheit.

Today’s fartleks  not only added variety to my run but also made the second half quicker which was both good and bad.  The good news was I was able to steer clear of today’s heat advisory. But the bad news was I got some heat under my own feet.

The humidity was high and despite the early morning, I was drenched in sweat after the run. What worse was my feet became tendered or what I called a pre-blister stage at certain spots. I noticed this tends to happen when I wear the thinner sandals (5.5 mm) hitting 8 mile mark with paces faster than my easy run.

Ideally, according to Gizmodo, runner’s foot should land directly underneath the body, push it back, and then lift it up. “Your feet should be moving at the same speed your body is traveling. If you’re doing it right there should be very little friction imparted onto your foot.”

By that same logic, my running form must have been off when I “pushed” myself during the fartleks. I need to use tomorrow’s rest day to recover first, then gradually feel my  run up the pace ladder.  It is week 3, so I have time. One way or another I will figure this out.

How is your running form?

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