Week In Review – 16 Jul 2017

You see, I have been running marathon since 1999.  Saying I have been putting my heart & sole into the race is not an exaggeration.  My relationship with running marathons is beyond casual.  It is commitment.

The stimulus and response I put my body through to get ready for the big race span 20 weeks (and it has been 3 weeks thus far).  This means I bring on the heat in a controlled fashion designed to elicit progress and result.  Even on the days when I feel not 100%, I press on.

It is a story of discipline, perseverance, and you guessed it, commitment. No doubt, I encounter challenges along the way. But week by week, I work through them.   If the training is done right, race day is when I get to let it fly.

On top of it all, I get to write about this journey – the ups and downs, hope and despair – my marathon story.

Totaled 46 miles.  Have a great week.

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