Day 1 Week 4 – Hill Work


7 miles easy w/ 4 hill  (20-30 sec)

Originally, today’s run was 3x hill sprints (i.e. at 95% effort for 10 seconds each with walk down & rest).   But they turned out more like hill runs than hill sprints .  Why?  No power.

When launched into the hill, I ran as hard as I could.  But after 10 seconds I realized there was no explosiveness in my legs like if they were coming out of starting blocks.  Instead, I extended the run just to give my legs a work out.

Don’t get me wrong, after four trips up the hill, my legs still got tired.  And with 3.3 miles on the return,  I was worried that I had to walk back.  Luckily, that was not necessary.  I will need to find a hill closer by, so I can try the explosive hill sprint again in the future runs.

How do you add power to your legs?

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