Day 2 Week 4 – The Importance of Recovery

5 Miles easy, recovery run.

“Recovering from hard workouts is as, if not more, important than the actual workout itself.” ~

In fact, our fitness level diminishes through workout and  improves during recovery.

Sounds counter-intuitive?  But logically, workouts depletes our body energy supply, and hard workout breaks down our muscle fibers.  It is the recovery process that rebuilds and strengthens our body.

Three key components of the recovery process are fueling, resting, and stretching.

  • Fueling – proper nutrition not only replenish the calories that was depleted during the workout but also the nutrients that our body needs to repair and grow.
  • Resting – adequate sleep  provides the opportunity for the body to rebuild damaged muscle fibers.  Short changing our sleep is unfortunately common and deprives the body’s natural restorative process.
  • Stretching – targeted stretching like massage or yoga aids our body in removing waste byproducts from the the workout and expedites our body’s recovery.

What is your favorite recovery practice? 

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