Day 4 Week 4 – Cutdown The Vanity

6 miles cutdown with 1 mile warm up & 1 mile cool down.

Just because I could does not mean I should.  Today’s cutdown workout was a good example of this saying.  It also reminded me the difference between being fit and being healthy.

My splits for the 6 mile cutdown were 8.35, 8.23, 8.14, 7.56, 8.23, 8.05. Clearly on the fifth mile, I made a decision to throttle back.

Had I not, my split would keep going down, and I would crash. Because the 7.56 pace was pushing my anaerobic threshold, and I did not want let the speed monster taking over my base run phase.

Running faster would have given me the euphoria of fitness. But my health is more important.  Besides, for marathoners it’s not the speed but the pace over the 26.2 miles that matters.

The cutdown workout and hill sprints (Monday) are meant to increase my training intensity.   They are intro to speedwork which will come later, after I have built a healthy base.

When do you know to set boundary or hit the brake?

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