Day 6 Week 4 – A New Beginning

11 easy miles, in sandals.

Tried out the thicker sandals on the C&O Canal Towpath today and the sandals handled well. These sandals have 10 mm soles, almost double the thickness from my previous pair.   I will be wearing them for the long runs.  Potentially, training in them for the Harrisburg marathon later this year.

Granted, I injured my foot during last year’s marathon wearing sandals.  So why sandals again?  Two reasons:  one, I believe in minimal shoes. They are better for my feet.  And two, I plan to avoid making the same mistake thru run by feel.  That is, instead relying on mileage, time, and other metrics, it will be my body telling me – if and when I am ready.

To others my marathon injury may seem a defeat,  but to me it is learning.  Learning to adapt. Be it the shoes, gears, or myself, I have the opportunity to apply my experience and improve my running at the Harrisburg marathon.  Today’s positive outcome is a great start.

How do you renew yourself?  What do you do for fun?

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