Week In Review – 23 Jul 2017

Total 39 miles this week.

It has been 4 weeks since I started my marathon training.  Most of the runs up to now have been at easy pace – easing into the higher running volume while building my aerobic threshold.

This week’s workout, however, increased intensity and introduced hill work and cutdown as transition into aerobic strengthening.  I also tried out my trail sandals for the long run and felt comfortable with them.

With the increase training load, recovery becomes even more key to maximizing the training benefit.  My appetite has grown, and I snack often to stave off the hungry feeling.  My sleep pattern has also improved, and I take naps as supplement.

All these changes are manifestations of the marathon training and will continue as my training progresses.  While familiar, they are once again evidences of my intention to commit to running a marathon.

Last, but not least, is my favorite topic of the big data and internet of things.  The digital economy will transform our life. Specifically, the quality of products and services and their impact to consumers.  Not everyone is taking advantage of it.  But the trend continues nevertheless.

Have a good week.

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