Day 1 Week 5 – Hill Sprints

6 miles including 6 x hill sprints (10 sec) w/walk down rest & 2 min rest

Today’s hill sprints was much improved as compared to last Monday.  I felt my legs’ explosive drives up the hill, engaging my short twitch muscles.  As a distance runner, I seldom fire up those muscles. So this was a good cross training.

Another benefit of the hill sprints was the opportunity to improve my running form.  I ran as fast as I could without worrying about over-striding.  Nevertheless, not wanting to over-do-it, I stopped after 6 sprints.

Even though the hill was about a mile from my house and my legs on the return trip felt only slightly tired, I sensed that I will sleep well tonight. And the true test will be tomorrow morning after I wake up.

When is enough enough?

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