Day 6 Week 5 – Don’t Worry, Part 2

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14 miles, overcast, 67 degree

Part 1, here.

People worry.  Some more than others.  In truth, worrying is unproductive.  It robs our attention and energy away from the real important, the present moment.

Psychotherapist and author Andrea Wachter explains, “Worry makes your body feel as if the circumstance you are worried about is actually happening when in most cases it’s not.”  In other words, worry can wear you down.

Given our imagination can be super creative when it comes to worrying,  here is a suggestion – ask this question: can you do something about the matter?  If the answer is yes, act on the ones with the biggest payoff.  If the answer is no, let it (the worry) go.

Less worry means less stress and better quality of life.

Anything that is keeping you worried? And why?

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