Day 2 Week 6 – Keeping It Fresh

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5 mile easy recovery (10:00)

Switch up the distances from 6 miles back-to-back today and tomorrow to 5 miles and 7 miles respectively.  Variation is good.  Also with today’s shorter distance, I get to concentrate on on my running form and active recovery.

Monotony is one of the common complaints about distance running.  Repetitive arm & leg motions plus seemingly endless road can easily put anyone to sleep.  How to keep it fresh while running miles after miles is a challenge that all marathoners face.

One option is to run with a partner. But that option is often easier said than done. Different pace, schedule, and personality are obstacles, just to name a few.   Self help options include listening to music, book on tape, or whatever capture your attention.

For safety reason I don’t listen to audios.  I prefer to pay attention to somebody who is approaching me.  Thus switching title track is not an option for me.  To keep it fresh, I vary my routines, run by feel,  or focus on different techniques of running.

How do you keep it fresh?

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