Day 3 Week 6 – Sound Body And Mind

7 mile easy (9;40) + strides

For the last three weeks my marathon training has included hill sprint, steady run, stride, and fartlek for aerobic strengthening.  These workouts have increased my running intensity.  Why is that important other than more sweat, fatigue, ache etc. on my part?

Because running intensity builds aerobic threshold.  The added load on my cardio from the increased intensity conditions my heart and lungs to more efficient use of oxygen, and burn carbohydrate, fats and proteins.

Similar to the increased distance which builds my muscular endurance, the running intensity follows the same resistance principle in strengthening my cardiovascular system.  As long as I am careful not to push over the threshold, my aerobic threshold will be raised over time as the intensity climbs.

This is a little bit of insight and  how I structure my training plan.  Sounds simple? Comments are welcome.

How sound is your plan?  Your execution is only as good as your plan.


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