Day 4 Week 6 – Restoring Balance

1 mile warm up, 6 mile steady (8:40), 1 mile cool down, 71 degree

Yesterday was a demanding day, outside of running.  External demands for my time and attention like meeting and appointment were all consuming.  Of course, it’s life’s way of testing us.

By the end of the day, I was physically exhausted & hungry and mentally stressed out. Not complaining, just a fact that on certain days, my running is actually my stress relief. I am sure that I am not alone in this case.

This morning after my run, I was still feeling the lingering effect from yesterday.  To recover, I ended up going back to bed and taking a nap.  This situation happens rarely now-a-day, but when it does I must dealt with it quickly.

In hindsight, the external demands was not so much of the problem but more of how I responded to them.  Each time when I get anxious, I over react instead of be mindful with the situation.  In other words, my perception is the cause of my stress.

How do you restore balance in you life?

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