Day 6 Week 6 – Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is a safe place that offers us refuge from the storm. A place where we can relax, recharge, and re-calibrate if desired. Whether it is at home, with friends, or in things, our comfort zone soothes and calms our nerve.

In a way, it also defines us.  We are most proficient and confident in our comfort zone. We are on familiar ground.  Like being in a groove.  In our comfort zone it is what we are good at.  It is who we are. What’s not to like?

Some would argue that staying in the comfort zone, we risk missing the opportunity to learn & grow, to meet new people and see new places. That may be true in selected cases where folks choose to be unnecessarily risk averse.

But in general it is a mistake to devalue our comfort zone.  Properly developed, our comfort zone can be our best resource.  For example, a sailor’s comfort zone is to explore, to travel, and to leave safe harbor.

C’est la vie.  No need to fret.

When or how do you feel at home?

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