Day 1 Week 7 – Me & The Natural Order

Rest/ Off day, no running

“Do what’s appropriate,” or something similar, is a Chinese saying I have heard. Meaning as we march through life, there is a natural order of things that we fit in.  Knowing what to do and executing accordingly is the essence of a good life.

Intellectually, I don’t fully grasp this saying.  Because “appropriate” is such an elusive concept. What is appropriate to me may be different from your interpretation.  And I believe the Chinese saying is alluding to a broader collective view.

Having said that I have intuitively lived and felt this saying.  From being a child, to student, young adult, professional, husband, and father, I have learned about the different roles and their associated responsibilities.

Have I executed them perfectly? No.  But I would say that I have done fairly well thus far.  I have had my shares of mistakes but overall no complaint.  The question about what lies ahead remains an unknown as it always has been.

You see as I get older so are my family.  And my children will have their own families. The world continues to evolve.  Like the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “the only thing that is constant is change.”  So what is appropriate will evolve and so will I.

What is your place in the natural order?

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