Day 4 Week 7 – A Running Life Style?

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2 mile easy.

Well, normally 2 miles would be my warm up run, but today it is all I could barely handle. I am not over-trained but am traveling.  And being on the road is taking a lot out of me.  So the 2 miles is only what I could squeeze in.

No surprise.  I have posted on the topic of fitness versus health.  My running fitness should not be construed as I am fit for travel or, for that matter, I am healthy.  Like everyone, I get worn down by being out on the road.

But if I had not been running I would probably be more tired from the rigors of traveling.  That was the reason why I ran, even just 2 miles, as a way to unwind.

Incidentally, my blog posting is also running behind for the same reason.

Do you believe fitness and health can go hand-in-hand?

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4 Responses to Day 4 Week 7 – A Running Life Style?

  1. They definitely go hand in hand! I need my daily rush of endorphins! It does miracles!


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