Day 5 Week 7 – Downtime

Have been on the road with family.  Traveling and visiting, doing the summer vacation routine.  All good except it’s tiring and leaves not much time for my marathon training.

Luckily, this week is a low mileage week.  Just in my case, it will be very low mileage and lots of unscheduled downtime.  Which leads me to the thought about vacationing.

Usually, we take vacation to get a break from the routines.  Whether it’s work, normal daily life, or something repetitive.  Vacation represents a downtime from them.  Go & sit on a beach do nothing would be an example.

That is unless you are a beach bum.  Then you probably need to go to the city for vacation.  For me I have been training for the Harrisburg marathon for the past 6+ weeks. This vacation happens in the middle of my base building phase.

I had not planned on the downtime from the training.  But my family vacation is a high priority. I could not juggle physically my marathon training AND traveling the same time. So the downtime just work out as a natural consequence.

How do you schedule your downtime?

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