Day 5 Week 10 – YOGA For Runners

It is cooler day, today in the Washington DC area.  Temperature never makes out of the 60’s.  Imaging that here in September!  This weather reminds me of San Francisco where coats and jackets are the standard attires for this time of the year.

Not complaining.  In fact, I kinda like this break.  A perfect day for yoga to stretch out my feet, legs and hips.  They have been stiff from the extra running I am putting them through.  Not only it feels right to give them the TLC but also prevents injury.

Here are the links: YOGA for Runners Part 1 (feet, ankles, & calves), 2 (quads, hamstrings & IT bands), & 3 (hips, glutes, & lower back).  You can also find plenty videos on YouTube but I feel the yoga for runners series provides a decent overview for running.

Tropical storm Harvey (of the Houston, Texas fame sans the wind and rain) is supposed to visit our area sometime later tonight.  In case anyone is curious, below is the latest from

The rainstorm [Harvey] will run into a swath of dry, cool air in the Northeast this weekend. The effect of the dry air will be not only to slow the forward progress of the rain initially but also to reduce the total amount of rain that falls from the storm.

Are you ready for the Labor Day weekend?

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