Day 1 Week 15 – Alternating Tempos

6 mile alternating tempos @ ( 8:24, 7:50, 8:24, 7:50, 8:24, 7:50 – no rest), 1 mile warm up & cool down

One of the marathon specific workouts is the alternating tempos.  The purpose of this workout is to train the body to clear lactate. How? By running close to one’s threshold pace thus flooding the muscle with lactate and then condition the body to process and recycle the lactate at slightly slower pace (e.g. marathon pace).

Therefore the alternate tempos are, by design, higher intensity than race pace.  If done right, it will increase one’s lactate threshold and delay or avoid hitting the “wall” in a marathon.

Today my splits were as follows:  8.12, 7.35, 7.49, 7.22, 8.27, 812.  I realized after the third mile that I was a bit fast.  So in keeping with the intend of the workout, I sped up and ran 7.22 for the next mile. Most likely, I was anaerobic running.  And you probably guessed that I paid for it by the last mile when I could run no faster.



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