Day 2 Week 20 – Cold Weather Running

5 mile easy, 45 degree Fahrenheit, cold.

While no white smoke coming out of my mouth this morning, I felt what a cold, finger numbing run it was.  The run, I told myself, in a way could be a preview of what’s to come this Sunday, when the Harrisburg marathon is to take place with a chilling forecast of 48 degree as the day’s high temperature.

Getting myself acclimated for this Sunday may sound great, but cold weather is not what I like.  With little body fat left from the marathon training, I get chilly rather quickly.  Therefore, you will find me bundled up even though other braver souls are sporting shorts.

Running in the cold however is different.  Once my body is warmed up, say after 2 to 3 miles, the cold temperature does not bother me.  It actually feels nice.  Seldom do I feel cold during the run while my body is moving & generating heat.  It is the pre- and post run that I dislike.

Thus for this Sunday’s race, I will be suited with long sleeves, tights, gloves, and a hat.  Albeit more than what I normally wear during the training, it is necessary to keep myself warm and fueled up for the marathon.

Do you like cold weather running?

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