Reblog: Runners Are Weird?

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We may be “weird” but are having the time of our life.  Email below from Tony Pallota of touches so many traits that runners share. Hope you enjoy it!


Hi Terry

Runners are weird. Strange. Abnormal.

At least that’s what we’re told by our non-runner “friends.”

It’s below freezing. The snow is falling. People are nestled amid the heat of their car. Tucked into their warm beds. Reading the paper with coffee in hand.

And us? Yeah, we’re outside in the cold. Running. Suffering and loving every step.

“How far is that marathon” we are often asked. That one never gets old. And when we say 26 miles the non-runner responds, “I get tired just driving that far. My least favorite non-runner response.

To which I’d like to come back and say, did you realize it equates to 50,000 plus steps?

We run in groups. We run solo. Our dress code covers the entire spectrum of apparel.

We’re skinny, not-skinny. Tall, short, male, female. Yes, we’re a diverse group of people.

We cover the entire globe. An underground community if you will.

Two runners can meet for the first time. Unaware of each other’s name, background, and more. And yet we instantly connect. We share a bond that only runners share. And understand.

Amid any race we are all suffering to achieve a finish, a PR, or some other goal. As the miles progress we don’t talk anymore. We’re too tired. Though we run alone, we still feel a sense of being part of a team.

Because we understand, we are all suffering. All working hard. Doing our best.

That’s the other reason runners are weird. They have an ability to bond simply by being present with each other.

We have an enormous ability to be happy while running. I mean who has ever come back from a run mad?

We have a deep understanding of our body. How it feels. What is a normal ache and pain. And what is not. Gain a few pounds and we know it.

Our self-awareness separates us from non-runners.

We are welcoming. Inviting all to join our sport. To experience the “awesomeness” of it. The rewards it offers. While requiring no gym membership. No driving time. No real cost of entry.

So sure, runners are weird. Strange. Abnormal. On the surface.

But if you get to know us you realize the opposite is true. Life is about exploring. Understanding. Removing the layers to see what lies beneath.

Perhaps one day our non-runner friends will understand that being weird. Or strange. Even abnormal is pretty cool.

Call me whatever you want. Just let me get my miles in each day. See you on the roads…

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. Be safe and make some lasting memories!

Team RunnersConnect

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