To Feel Deeply

In my youth, I recalled moments from whether a movie, story, or scene would move me, and tears would well up in my eyes.  Of course being a member of the male specie, it was my duty to hide this aberration of vulnerability.  As a result, I left my instinct hidden.

Many decades later, I realize my bouts of emotional triggers from my youth could be a source of great achievements.  Whatever moved me, could motivate me to inspire others.   I say “could” only because I did not follow through with these raw emotions.

Now, instead of suppressing my feelings,  I embrace them as opportunities to trace their sources.  The idea is that I will discover from the process the true person that I was created for and by extension the greatness that I am supposed to achieve.

It’s never too late to feel deeply.  As long as I have a breath, I will endeavor to uncover my true self.  Not the societal roles I acquired along the way but what my inner voice demands. Whom I really am.  Then, I will know for sure where I am headed.

Don’t you agree that it’s better late than never?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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