What I Don’t Know

The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. ― Albert Einstein

I am no Einstein, but as I journey through life I can definitely relate to what he meant about “how much I don’t know.”  A root of awakening, humbling, or self-discovery?

Does not matter what it is called, it has come to a full circle for me.

You see, long time ago I learned about the Johari window (a tool about self understanding in relation to others):


I knew that I had blind spots and unknowns.  Blind spots were my targets to eliminate.  Who would like to have blind spots anyway?  Unknowns were outside of my interest at the time.  So I pretty much left them alone.

My way of thinking went something like this: the quadrants on right should get smaller and smaller over time.  Particularly, the Unknown quadrant would be the smallest given my strategy of eliminating my blind spots and learning more about myself along the way.

As it turns out, lo and behold, the opposite is true.  Self knowledge has no boundary.  It is not a fixed pie.  In fact its domain grows bigger and bigger.  What I know about myself and whatever I manage to contribute (to others) represent a small piece of the pie.

You may be wondering, what about my blind spots? Let me just say that the more sure I become, the more biased that perspective creates.   Best to challenge my own assumptions before I attempt on someone else’s.

How well do you know about yourself?

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2 Responses to What I Don’t Know

  1. Life Senspirational says:

    Great one!


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