Psychological Wounds 101

Psychological wounds are injuries to our mental health like rejection, criticism, and failure. They are common in our day-to-day experience but are not necessarily well handled according to Dr. Guy Winch, a licensed psychologist.

Sure, as kids, we heard the saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Right.  Not physically but . . .  The list of guilt, loss, loneliness, anger, low self esteem are just a small samples of the possible psychological wounds.

Ignoring the negative feelings, albeit a common practice, can cause them to fester and harm our long term mental health.  Because psychological wounds are tenacious and often complex if ignored.

How then should we deal with the psychological wounds?  You ask.  Dr. Winch offers some practical tips in his TedTalk.  I would think awareness is a good first step.

What about you?  Any experiences in dealing with psychological wounds?

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