On The Trail Once Again

I like trail running in the woods.  It is different:  different mindsets, muscle groups, and definitely different challenges.

On this relative “warm” winter day (temperature reaching 60s Fahrenheit), I took my run into the woods.  The rain yesterday disguised the trails with wet leaves and slippery foot falls.  Hidden stumps and branches made them more treacherous than what I remembered.

It has been a while since my last trail run.  I would guess before my marathon training more than 6 months ago.  Scenes looks familiar yet not the same.  Landmarks that I used to track my way around are no longer reliable.  My mind raced as fast as my feet in each of the encounter.

And sure enough, I got lost on my way back.  Luckily it was a trail that I have got lost on before, so I managed to find my way out.  Thank goodness. The lessons learned today was not to under estimate the challenge.  To enjoy trail running again, I need to work my way back to rebuild my trail fitness.

Ever got lost while running? What was your experience?

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