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RIP Jetta

My car died today.  That was an epiphany after the shop mechanic gave me his diagnosis:  “It is just not going to run right on three cylinders”  he said. My car was a 15 years old Volkswagen Jetta. Thought it … Continue reading

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What’s the Fuss?

The gray sky appeared grayer on this cold Washington Tuesday.  Snow flakes danced with the wind gust while pedestrians hurried along to their destinations, faces grimaced, hands tightly gripped onto their outwears. Just another cold winter day here in the … Continue reading

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Catching Myself

Meditative observations from my common life: Panicking – tingling in my skull, heart jumping out of my throat.  Suddenly fight or flight appears my only choice.  Such a terrible feeling that I can only hope it’s a nightmare, so I … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 28 Jan 2018

Seems lately my weeks have been packed with lots excitements. Of course, what I am referring to are the self inflicted emotional roller coasters that I call human dramas. First was the U.S. Government shut down over the weekend and … Continue reading

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Speaking Of Humor

The world has to be annihilated before I tempt the art of humor.  Simply put I have not single funny bone in my body.  Of course that is not to say that I dislike humor.  In fact, I admire people … Continue reading

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Lost & Found Again

  Never say never, because life is no absolute. Absolutes only exist between our two ears. Like love & hate, joy & sad, trust & disgust. Go ahead, laugh & cry to one’s heart’s content. So long as one realizes … Continue reading

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Sharing In This Safe Space

On this little corner of the virtual space, I have blogged many thoughts.  Some passionate, some angry, as well as confused and many others. But clearly one thing is certain – I appreciate this platform which provides me the opportunity … Continue reading

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Never Give Up On Your Dream

Yes, “never give up on your dream” may sound like platitude. But ask, have you ever run out of juice in this journey of life, got confused about your direction in the midst of chaos, or  felt abandoned by the … Continue reading

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In This Moment

Mental clarity is like borrowing money from a bank: when you need it the most, the chance of it happening the least.  Not only that, the more you try, the farther it slips away.  Sounds familiar? What if, instead of spinning … Continue reading

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Human Drama

Human drama is a tautology. Because human beings are complex and hard to understand.  Invariably our emotion gets the best of us whether it’s love, hate, anger, hope, etc.  you name it.  Hence, the drama. History is paved with examples … Continue reading

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