Learning Should Be Fun

Key words are “should be.” When was the last time that you remember learning was fun?

While not everyone agrees, I contend that fun should be the adjective part of our learning process.  We learn better while having fun.  At least don’t go out one’s way to make the learning not fun.

Plus, information is being generated every day, every hour, at a rate faster than we can absorb.  Undeniably, the Big Data is getting bigger.  What do we learn, and how, are questions worthy careful considerations.

Is hand writing still a necessary skill?  What about multiplication table? Is IQ more important than EQ?  In spite of what the Common Core Standards dictate, more is not necessary better.

Assuming, for example, learning to play a game is fun.  But if we jack up the number of games to learn, the fun will diminish.  To make learning fun, we have to make time for it.  In this case less (subjects) may actually be  better.

 What do you remember that made your learning fun?

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