What’s New In 2018?

It is year 2018.  January 3rd to be precise.  About the only noticeable difference the New Year brought me are the calendars around the house.  And even that, only the last digit of the year changed.

So it begs the question: what is really new in 2018?  Not the gifts from the holidays, but something new in life and different?

Personally, not much.  My “changes” if you will are more in degree than in kind.  Which means my life follows pretty much the same routines as in the last year.   Except, I am diving deeper into  these routines.

Take yoga practice for example.  A “tree” pose still challenges my total stability.  But I am  more at easy with the feeling of rooting from the ground through my center channel to the tips of my fingers.   The type of details that I had missed in the past year.

In other words, while my routines are similar as before, I am discovering nuances in their execution because I am more present for them.  In doing so, I am uncovering things that I hastily missed.  Therefore, what new in 2018 for me are my perspective and approach toward things.

What’s new for you in 2018?

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