What Support?

Support is important.  Look at your feet.  Aren’t they supported by the ground?  Same is true when it comes to human relation. Behind every Best Actor there is a supporting cast. No one can do it alone.

Unfortunately in our winner-take-all culture everyone wants to be the star.  The role of the support is often overlooked.  Like the Second place finisher is as good as the also ran.  How often do we pay attention to them?

Unless, of course when we experience a need.  Then, people who takes care of you when you’re sick, who cooks for you when you’re hungry, who delivers you mail when you’re home sick get noticed.  That’s when we appreciate their support.

When the table turns, understanding the role of giving support is important.  Because the focus shifts from oneself to others. What need of others can we adequately fulfill?  If the supporting person steals the show, s/he would not be the best supporting actor.

How do you describe  a supportive person?  Would you fit that description?

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