S.A.D. No More

SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder (commonly known as the winter blues).

This winter, I have gained weight. Especially on the heel of the marathon in November, the increase is dramatic and astronomical.  I could rationalize that the added layer of fat from increasing intake of calories is to keep my body warm and a natural defense against the cold.

But I am also lethargic at times.  The thought of hibernation sounds like a wonderful choice to me.  That’s two strikes against me according to the National Health Service in England.  In fact the NHS recommends the opposite strategy –  go outside and get some sun.

So outside I went.  Ran 7 miles this morning and the temperature was 9 degree Fahrenheit (the coldest run this year).  Was this crazy or what?  Luckily there were plenty sunshine along the trail.  Even saw many enthusiasts playing hockey on the frozen canal.

If that sounded fun, the weather forecast cautioned about getting frostbite from overexposure ( in 30 minutes or less).  Just to put things in perspective.  I bundled up from top to bottom.  And happy to report that my gears held up quite well against the cold blistery morning wind.

By the time when I joined the SRC for our post-run coffee and bagels, the warmth from the place, drinks, and fellowship wiped away my coldness and any SAD feeling I might have.

How do you fight against the winter blues?

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