What Is Your Thing?

If you are trying to decide on your New Year’s resolution(s), may I suggest first finding out what is your thing.  Then you have a better chance finding a good resolution.  Allow me to elaborate.

I run marathon.  Do I love it? The short answer is:  No (sorry to burst your bubble). But I know it is the right thing for me.  Besides the benefits of health and fellowship, running marathon happens to be a good “fit” with what I am good at – self-discipline.

You see, it takes dedication and persistent efforts to run marathon.  And for me, besides the 26.2 miles race, each marathon is preceded by a 20 weeks training. Totaling the mileage over the period exceeds 700 miles.  Being self-disciplined is definitely a plus.

Same thing can be said about my blogging.  Benefits of blogging are many.  But do I love it?  You guessed it, NoWhy do I bog then, you maybe wondering?  Again, it is a good fit with my self-discipline.

Therefore, if you are still searching for your New Year’s resolution, perhaps something that matches your thing will work.

So, what is your thing?



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