My Meditative Struggles

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Every night.  When the bedtime rolls around and all is quiet, there is a raging struggle going on.  Right between my two ears.

Yes, I am mindful the best practices for a good night sleep recommend going to bed the same time, keeping my room dark and the temperature cool, etc.  No worry.  I have the external environment under control.

What going on in my head is a different story.  You see, my mind wonders.  First, a thought.  Then it flows to another.  And another.  Soon, it is a raging tsunami.  No counting sheep, making a list, even bedtime yoga can calm it down.

In spite of several meditative attempts, I find the more I observe my mind the more awake I become.  More likely than not, I end up surrendering and getting up instead of lying in bed, struggling.

What would you do to combat insomnia?

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1 Response to My Meditative Struggles

  1. unprovocative says:

    My go-to are guided meditations or hypnosis on YouTube. Although they don’t totally calm the tsunami, it keeps it contained.


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