Working With Digital World

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Digital world, not to be confused with virtual reality, is in our everyday life.   We interact with it through calling, navigating, reading, writing, etc.  And the list goes on.  The digital world is definitely real.  In fact, for many of us, life could turn quite inconvenient without these tools.

Because the digital world moves at speed of light (as in fiber optics), question arises as to whether it will overwhelm or over-run us?

A fair question.  And the answer is yes ONLY if we allow it.  Examples like inbox overflows, unanswered messages, or me seeing the size and selection of the buffet when visiting Las Vegas happens if we don’t know what we want (to eat in my example).

The digital world is designed to augment our lives.  If desired, it can remember our favorites, passwords, preferences, or all of the above.  As capable as it may, a tool’s potential lies in our intended use. When the digital world becomes overwhelming, chances are the root cause can be traced back to us.

What is your outlook regarding the digital world?


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