What Augmentation?

When we compare, we judge (not a value statement but a fact).  Are they the same, different, and by how much?

Before crossing a street, we ask, in our own mind: is it safe to proceed?  We evaluate the traffics based on data from some prior standard and decide.  Judging is an essential and learned skill.

As experience grows, our standard improves and our judgement becomes better. Through feedback and lessons learned, we continue to refine our decision making process.

Believe it or not, the same is true with computer.  Computer can compare and judge remarkably well, especially with large (and repetitive) quantities.  This is the basis for automation.

Moreover, the computer can improve its decision making process through machine learning.  Chiefly, with data and pattern recognition.  This is the basis for Artificial Intelligence.

The marriage between the human and computer decision making processes is augmentation.  The computer will augment our capability.  Google search is a case in point.  It will yield search results more & faster than we alone can ever achieve.

Augmentation has such a potential that the sky’s the limit.

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