Catching Myself

Meditative observations from my common life:

Panicking – tingling in my skull, heart jumping out of my throat.  Suddenly fight or flight appears my only choice.  Such a terrible feeling that I can only hope it’s a nightmare, so I can wake up and be done with it.

Agitated – showing clearly in my behaviors.  Whether my facial expression, body language or god forbids, words out of my mouth, usually result in my worst consequences. However little judgement I had is clouded by my raw emotions.

Worrying – one of the most useless time-wasters I can be trapped in.  Especially over things that I have no control.  Don’t ask why it happens.   Just pause and remind myself to be in the present moment and forget about the past or the future.

Serenity – nirvana whenever it happens. My body and mind are relaxed but not loose. My heart is full and satisfied.  Because I am on the clear path of my choice.  Wishing this moment lasts forever.

Flow – Time disappears, and present moment stands still.  Everything large or small just clicks.  An infinite wisdom comes from seeing, thinking and hearing clearly.  Opportunity presents itself.  And no boredom.

To be continued.

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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