What’s the Fuss?

The gray sky appeared grayer on this cold Washington Tuesday.  Snow flakes danced with the wind gust while pedestrians hurried along to their destinations, faces grimaced, hands tightly gripped onto their outwears.

Just another cold winter day here in the capital of America?  Nope.  The President is scheduled to give his first State of the Union speech tonight.  Regardless what he will say, our democracy is under siege from my vantage point.

And the enemy is within. Why do I say that, you ask?

Our system of government, designed to serve as a safety net of check and balances, is being assaulted by this President.  His latest target is the FBI.  Because it is investigating the President’s campaign involvement with the Russians.

As you might have heard, the Bureau’s former director was fired by the President for refusing to be “loyal.”  And now the Bureau is being discredited like the “fake news” for bias against the President.

Worse yet, the Republican members of Congress is going along with the President, throwing their check & balances duty into the wind.

That’s fuss, if you ask me.



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