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Quality Time?

When it comes to quality time, it is easy to confuse it with good time.  Even though both have positive connotation, there is a key difference – a quality time requires much more engagements than a good time. I could … Continue reading

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Little things can be real annoyances.  Temper tantrum, abrupt interruption, repeated mistake or something worse? Heaven forbids. Unfortunately, we all have our button(s) that if pushed make us go off the handle.  Blood pressure going through the roof, heartbeat racing … Continue reading

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Can’t Figure It Out

Sometimes it is impossible to figure things out.  Can’t figure out what to wear when weather is finicky, can’t figure out what others think when at an impasse, can’t figure out what is important when everything is going well.  Just … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 25 Feb 2018

Part of the human experience is our active role in it.  To a large degree, we make the experience!  In other words we can be active and not passive.  The difference is if we choose to exercise it. Similarly, when I visit … Continue reading

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Paradise, Part 2

Part of the uniqueness about Hawaii is its location. Hawaii is one the most isolated island on Earth.  Meaning it’s far from everywhere. For example, San Francisco is 2,396 miles away, Vancouver (2,709), Tokyo (3,861), Auckland (4,381), and New York … Continue reading

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My Best Friend?

Saying has that a dog is man’s best friend. But I don’t have a dog, so  . . . Who is my best friend? Am I my best friend? Is my wife my best friend? Or do I even have … Continue reading

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Paradise On Earth?

Birds chirping, wind softly caressing my cheeks, sun’s warmth soothing over my body from hair on my head to pinkie of my toes, a lethargic feeling washes over me.  Am I dreaming?  Is this what winter supposed to be? The … Continue reading

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Experiencing The Difference

For me, the best way to experiencing something is by doing.  This hands-on approach reinforces my experience via the five senses.  For instance, in a new place I learn local direction by running through its neighborhood – seeing the landmarks, … Continue reading

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Writing Meditation Part III

Part 1 & 2, here & here. Came across an “how to” article on writing meditation that I found interesting and would like to share it here.  Source: How to Use Writing as a Meditation Practice | HuffPost. The author … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 18 Feb 2018

Certainly everyone is different, including our President Trump.  This is why there were winners and losers in his proposed 2019 federal budget.  Because the budget reflects his priority. No mourning for the losers please.  So long as the president is clear on … Continue reading

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